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MESSAGE group painting exhibition


MESSAGE is unique group created in 2018. It consists of artists: Karol Barton, Beata Będkowska, Krzysztof Powałka, Michał Powałka, Hanna Rozpara, Grzegorz Skrzypek and Marcin Waszczak.

The purpose of the group is to present a variety of creative attitudes and reach a recipient who, through the lens, can see "different worlds" of painting performances full of color, form, texture, content, construction, workshop and imagination.

As members of this group write, a kind of manifesto – „MESSAGE, is an artistic minority report – a message that needs to be shared and liked. A specific MASSAGE for dormant senses and minds without feelings”

The effects of this intriguing artistic intent will be seen at The Elektrownia Contemporary Art Gallery from the 13th of February to the 8th of March 2020. The opening of the exhibitionon is on the 13th of February at 6:00 p.m.

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